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Life of a Wedding Guest

Guests traditionally arrive 20-30 minutes prior to the wedding ceremony and sit and wait on the ceremony. Then they sit and wait to be dismissed to head to the reception. There they sit for about an hour waiting on the photographer to take pictures, often trying to keep the kids entertained. Finally the couple arrive,and after a flurry of activity for five minutes, they sit and wait for their table to be dismissed to the buffet table. After eating they sit and wait on the toasts and first dances. After another 30 minutes of speeches and first dances, they are finally invited to join in the dancing.

My point? Wedding guests sit for long periods of time, doing nothing except trying to keep bored kids from running around the hall. Talk to your DJ about things that can be done to end the boredom. At Surface DJs, we have experience entertaining your guests even before the activities start. Here are a few ideas.

* Ask your photographer for ways to make the photo-taking session shorter. * Have Hor D’vours and drinks available during the wait time. * Ask your DJ for activities, especially for the kids. (Freeze Dance, Unicorn Song, ball game, etc.) * Make releasing tables fun. At Surface DJ Entertainment, we can do bride/groom trivia and even play Rock-Paper-Scissors to make it fun, especially if your DJ is good at crowd interaction. * Revolving photos on a screen are popular. * Have a photo booth or create your own for selfies and have your DJ encourage people to use it. * Have your videographer go around tables getting memories about the couple from the guests.

Above all, make sure your DJ or Wedding Planner keeps things moving in the beginning. Your guests will apprecaite it!

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