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A Great DJ Plans a Grand Entrance and EXIT!

One very important wedding tradition is the Grand Entrance when the Bridal Party enters the Reception. At Surface DJs, we have had all types of entrances including one led by the actual Purdue Mascot. At another one, we played Space Jam and the party came in and did trick basketball shots at a kid’s hoop. All types of music is chosen for this event and at Surface DJs, we make a big deal of this entrance.

On the other hand, many Fort Wayne DJs don’t plan ahead for the end of the night. Often, many of the wedding guests have left since they have spent the last 7 or 8 hours with the bride and groom. Left with the wedding party and family, someone starts the clean up and the bride and groom feel obligated to help. it seems so anti-climatic!

At a recent reception, the bride and groom left to a sparkler parade organized by Nikki Burns of Surface DJs. Long 3 foot sparklers were used as the guests lined both sides of the sidewalk. Surface DJs played “I’ve Had The Time Of My Life” as they left in a waiting car and drove away. We’ve also had the hot air balloons that you can buy in a fireworks store released.

A story should have a planned beginning and END!

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