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Sure Uncle Joe can officiate your wedding!

With the power of the Web, anyone can become a Pastor and perform weddings as an officiant. Often it costs nothing and is instant. For a fee, you can even get a certificate and a book on how to perform weddings. Sounds cheap and easy. You've spent thousands on your wedding and reception. Why would you go the cheap route by having an inexperienced Officiant perform the most important ceremony of your life?

Professional Officiants or Pastors cost very little and can add so much to your special ceremony. They can help you write vows and create a romantic setting for your wedding.

At Fort Wayne DJs, we have played music at many wedding ceremonies and have seen our share of beginner Officiants. Some have done a great job, many have messed up. In one, the officiant showed up to an outdoor wedding in shorts and a tank top and was more interested in the beer than the ceremony. He was the grooms best friend! His words were basically, do you take each other and let's drink! During one service, the officiant dropped his papers and they went all over. After gathering them up, they were all out of order and he never did recover.

One dropped the mic. One forgot to seat everyone and they stood for the full ceremony. One went on for an hour and 15 minutes preaching to the Bride and Groom who were seated in front of him. It was all in Spanish, even though many guests spoke only English. At one where we set up the sound, the Officiant referred to the two young ladies getting married wrong on seven occasions including introducing them as Husband and Wife at the end.

Please think long and hard before asking someone with no experience to Officiate your wedding!

Dan Surface, Fort Wayne DJs, 260-466-4600

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