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The Father – Daughter Dance

After dozens of weddings every year, it’s easy for the DJ/MC to become hum-drum when introducing the Father/Daughter dance at the wedding. My take is a little different. As the father of 5 daughters, I know the emotional feeling that a father gets as he walks his daughter down the aisle and gives her hand to another man. I understand fighting back tears as you dance with her at the reception. Hundreds of thoughts race through your mind as you remember her in the delivery room. You remember all the cheerleading and gymnastics classes you drove her to. You remember the band concerts you had to sit through and the times you carried her up to bed when she fell asleep in the car. You remember her falling asleep watching TV in your arms. And who can forget how you worried when she went on her first date. You remembered when you watched Father of the Bride when Steve Martin missed his daughter leaving on the Honeymoon and couldn’t find him to say goodbye. You know you had tears in your eyes.

The Father of the Bride deserves a lot of respect as it’s a very emotional time for him. As the DJ/MC, we try and respect that very special moment and give it that speacial treatment that it deserves. Dan Surface, Surface DJs

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