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What Are You Really Looking For in a DJ?

Recently I did a survey of my past and present engaged couples, asking them to rank what qualities they were looking for in a DJ/Emcee. The answers may surprise you.

1. Availability. The conversation stopped if the date was already taken.

2. Price. Many couples have no idea what it costs to hire a DJ. Others are just collecting information to plan their budget.

3. Music Selection. Most DJs belong to a pool where they can get about any song out there, but this is important to the couples.

4. Experience. Having done over 900 weddings over a 15 year period apparently is important. I can't tell you how many weddings I have booked at Fort Wayne DJs at the last minute because an inexperienced family friend became overwhelmed and backed out at the last minute.

5. Speed in responding. They are look for someone who answers their text on phone call in minutes, not days.

6. DJ/emcee's personality. When they talk to a DJ, they want the one they hired to be the one doing their reception.

7. Add ons. Many are looking for someone who can also provide ceremony music, uplighting, an officiant, dance floor lights or a photo booth to name a few of the add ons.

8. Good Equipment - Rarely do I ever get asked about what equipment that I use. DJs love whistles and bells and love to talk about their equipment. Most couples only want good sound coming out of speakers and could care less what kind of speakers you have.

9. References. Since most of my business comes from referrals, this probably ranks low as they can read my reviews on social media or have been referred by a friend.

So if you are looking for a DJ/Emcee, this will give you a checklist of what to look for in your search.

Dan Surface is a 15 year veteran of the wedding entertainment business. He owns Fort Wayne DJs, PhotoFun Photo Booths, You are the Star Karaoke and Golden Oldies Entertainment. www.fortwayneDJs 260-466-4600

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