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A Rant About The DJ Industry!

Rarely do I think negatively, love positive thinking! In the past month I have received two desperate calls from engaged couples whose DJ had cancelled on them at the last minute and since Fort Wayne DJs ranks high in the search engines they call hoping we can help. In one case, it was a relative who thought he could pull it off with cheap speakers, a low cost mic and downloading illegal music from YouTube. He got cold feet as the day approached. The other was a reputable DJ who had a "family emergency." and didn't offer to help find a replacement and would not return the bride's calls.

Our industry deserves better. I was booked in both cases, but immediately texted other DJs I know and was able to help them eliminate their emergency.

It's easy to become a DJ these days. A beginner can get into the industry very cheaply but they will lack experience, quality sound and lights, MC skills and will download illegal music at a quality made for earphones, not 800 Watt speakers. They will have no idea about coordinating the wedding which we are often asked to do by default. I have over 15 years experience and am constantly facing new challenges.

I encourage all Mobile DJ/MCs to educate engaged couples about the pitfalls of hiring those who give our industry a black eye. One company that uses an 800 number from Florida offers a $350. wedding in the search engines. They then call local DJs offering them a very low pay if they are not booked. I have been called on a Friday night about doing a wedding reception the following night! How would you as an engaged couple like knowing you had no DJ the day before your wedding and that you'll be getting the bottom of the barrel DJ.

Am I upset? You bet. Our industry is made up of honest individuals who operate with integrity. You deserve that for your wedding and reception. I would hope that those who operate any other way never work again.

Dan Surface, 260-466-4600

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