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Nothing Compares to a Wedding DJ!

In the past I have owned 15 businesses. I was on the road as a professional speaker speaking to thousands of business owners about customer service. I became a certified business coach. All the while I was helping out friends DJing for them on a part time basis. I wrote a book and several CD Programs. Then came retirement to start a full time wedding entertainment service. I have 6 kids and their weddings were all classics. Everything from bagpipes to mascots to having a fraternity drop their pants with the brides name on their boxers. They were so much fun from start to the end. Then I attended some of their friends weddings. Boring from start to the end. I decided I could do better.

It's been 15 years and over 900 receptions later. I have done tons of research into the wedding industry. I started the Wedding Vendor Alliance of NE Indiana that now has 173 members, all vendors and I got to know them personally. The Bridal Hotline of NE Indiana was started answering questions for many engaged couples needing help. I wanted Fort Wayne DJs to be much more than someone showing up, playing music. We have added Photo Booths as they are currently in demand and a hot item at weddings and really add to the fun.

Music plays an important part in the wedding and reception. It sets the tone and energy and keeps things moving. But just as important are the MC skills of the DJ. He or she knows how to provide a great guest experience while making it romantic for the couple. The DJ/MC knows how to keep the spotlight on the Bride and Groom rather than him or herself.

It takes planning with the couple. It takes experience to know what to do even when something isn't the DJ's job. It takes good equipment placed properly to get the best sound and lighting. It takes someone whose goal is to make the day amazing for the couple. It takes guts to tell the couple when something won't work and creativity to make the day amazing.

That's why I love being a Wedding Entertainment Specialist!

Dan Surface, Fort Wayne DJs, 260-466-4600 #fortwaynedjs #photofunphotobooth

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