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Being Positive Keeps The Wedding Dream Alive

In a negative world, it’s refreshing to deal with wedding vendors that are professional and positive! A lot can go wrong with a wedding, but an engaged couple wants to hear what can go right. They want to hear words like amazing, magical, incredible, fun, beautiful, high-energy, awesome, memorable, etc. They have an image in their minds and positive words help reinforce that image. Negative thoughts destroy that image. If you can show how you fit into their picture, you’ll probably be hired.

There are two shows on television that point this out: American Idol and The Voice. American Idol has traditionally had judges that are very critical and negative with the contestants. I recently saw an interview with Mark Burnett, along with his wife, Roma Downey, of touched by an Angel Fame. He was the Executive Producer of the Voice and the master behind such shows as The Bible. Their mission was to create a positive, family friendly show. The judges give very positive input to the contestants. American Idol is fighting for ratings, while The Voice ratings continue to climb.

Most people want to hear positivity. There are always those who will watch the fireman cutting people out of a car wreck because of curiosity, but they want their lives to move along positively. Owning a DJ in Fort Wayne business, we do our best to impart that positive talk into every wedding and event that we do! Dan Surface

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