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Is your Fort Wayne DJ a Swiss Army Knife or a Butter Knife?

In our video, “10 Things to Know Before Hiring A DJ” at, we give you 10 tips that will save you money and grief and make your party magical. In the next several blog posts, I will talk about each of these 10 tips in more detail.

Your guests will soon forget the food, the decorations and most things about your reception or party. They will never forget it if they have a great time. That’s where the wedding DJ or party DJ/MC plays a huge role. Some are like Swiss Army knifes and are willing to take on whatever roles are required to make the party go smooth. Other DJs are all about the music (the butter knife) and see it only as their job to make noise that you like.

At Surface DJs, we assume a lot of roles especially if their is no wedding or party coordinator. After doing hundreds of weddings and parties, our Party Pros know how to take charge when necessary without being obnoxious. Here are some of the duties we assume when necessary: Meet with the couple or person in charge to help plan the event Discuss genres of music and games and activities in advanceMake sure all music is ready for special dances Play music for the actual wedding when necessary Entertain and play music during the time when the photographer has you taking picture Line up the wedding party for the Grand Entrance Make sure the caterer is ready to serve when you enter the hall Get guests to the buffet (Sometimes we release tables if the caterer can’t) Organize the toast or speeches (we’ve even poured the champagne to help out) Get the couple to the cake cutting and play appropriate music Organize the first dances, do more than just announce, make it memorable Get the dance floor packed from the first song in open dancing Play music that every guest will enjoy and take requests if OK with the couple or party planner Play just the right music to make the event fun and entertaining including games such as The Shoe Game, The Anniversary Dance, Garter and Bouquet throw as determined in advance Know how to handle any emergency that should come up during the event

So before you hire a DJ, make sure that you are getting a Swiss Army knife that can do it all!

Dan Surface, owner, Surface DJs, Fort Wayne, Indiana 260-466-4600 Facebook page:

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