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Know Your DJ – Tip Number 2

This is Tip Number 2, from the video, “10 Things To Know Before Hiring a DJ!” When you search Google for a DJ or a Wedding DJ, you’ll see the biggest companies who pay the most for Google Ads are at the top of the page. In the case of hiring a DJ for your wedding reception, class reunion or company party, bigger isn’t always better. A large DJ company may have 5 events going on in one night. You don’t want to get lost in the crowd. Yet you want a DJ/MC who is big enough that they carry the proper insurance and will be around as year from now when your wedding date rolls around. There’s even one company out of town with an 800 number who offers a low price and then calls inexperienced DJs trying to get them to take the job. I’ve been called by them on a Saturday morning begging for referrals to those DJs as they are looking for a DJ for a reception that night!

So don’t be fooled by the internet hype. Who have your friends heard? Is the DJ willing to meet with you face to face? Is that person meeting you the one that will do your event? Do you get the impression they have passion for the business or just in it for the money? Are they more about the music than the entertainment of you and your guests? Do they offer plenty of references? Are they available with quick response times? Are they professional? Do they have experience and training? Do they seem genuinely interested in helping plan a great event for you or do they make you feel like you are privileged to have them DJ your event?

At Surface DJs,, all of the above is in our mission statement. Dan Surface 260-466-4600

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