A Great DJ Understands the Art of Selection

Understanding the right music for the right crowd is a skill and an art that takes time to develop! At Surface DJs (http://surfacedjs.com) we have over 20,000 legally purchased song titles. Choosing just the right song that will keep party guests on the dance floor and enjoying the music is the mark of a great DJ and will make your party go from average to magical. Far too often, I’ve played a guest’s request and watched as a packed dance floor suddenly migrates back to their seats. I’ve been to events where the guests are itching for a slow song only to see the DJ continue playing fast dances the entire evening. So how does a DJ/MC develop that skill?

I consider myself great at pleasing crowds on the dance floor. Yet if there’s any question, I pull one of our eight DJs to go with me to the event. If I have any indication that the guests want a lot of rap, INDY, Hispanic or R and B, I will take along a DJ who knows that genre. One of our younger DJs always accompanies me at school dances. Even if they do most of the work, I am in the background learning about the genre and making sure the party keeps the fun level high!

Recently at a 50s and 60s sock hop I was eating dinner before the dance and one of the guests at my table told me that I would probably have no luck getting these older people to dance. I made her a $5. bet that I would have everyone in the room on the dance floor for the very first open dance song. As the dancing started, I got every single person on the dance floor using a technique I’ve developed. We danced to “We Are Family!” She walked up and laid $5. on my table.

Pick a great DJ/MC who understands the Art of Selection and your party will be amazing!

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