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I Didn’t Know a DJ Does All That!

A professional DJ/Emcee does a lot more than play music! Here’s some of the things that go into producing an amazing reception or party!

Understand what goes into a successful event! FOOD and FUN. Guests will forget about the food in a short time but will always remember the fun that they had at your party. At Surface DJs, we call our DJs – Party Pros because of all the activities that go into a successful party. A DJ does so much more than just show up and play music! (At least he or she should.) Let’s take a look at a typical party (a wedding reception) and see what a DJ in Fort Wayne does: 1. Meet with the couple to plan the reception. 2. Send out computer forms to determine special music for first dances, etc. 3. Plan the introduction, special events during the reception and look for requested music. 4. Set up music and lights for maximum impact on the dance floor. 5. Set up separate sound systems and mics if the ceremony is held at the same venue. 6. Play and entertain the guests while photos are being taken. 7. Introduce the wedding party when they arrive. Make sure they are lined up properly. 8. Check with the caterer and make sure the food is ready and move the guests to the buffet line. Often, the DJ is asked to dismiss tables. 9. Instruct those giving toasts on mic use and introduce the toasters. 10. Make sure the timeline works and advise the couple when to move to the cake table, first dances, etc. 11. Conduct the first dances, bouquet and garter toss, and any specials. 12. Get guests out to dance, playing what they like and what the couple requested. 13. Keep the event moving, upbeat, energetic and fun! Many of the same steps are used in corporate parties, reunions, school dances and other events.

Dan Surface, Surface DJs, 260-466-4600

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