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How Much is a Fort Wayne Wedding?

On our Facebook Page, The Bridal Hotline ( a bride asked the question,” What is the average cost of a Fort Wayne wedding?” That is a tough question to answer because there are so many variables. I have read many blog posts and websites trying to answer the question and here is the best I can answer.

Weddings/Receptions range from the cheapest DIY to the Church Wedding with a Grand Ballroom reception catered with filet mignon and all the trimmings. I put a pencil to paper and here’s what I came up with which is a very serious guess.

On the very low end, you could have the wedding in a park or backyard, with your Uncle officiating (with his internet license). You can invite everyone through Facebook or a personal phone call. You can get a dress from a consignment store for $150. You attendants can just wear a nice dress. You can make your bouquet with silk flowers from Walmart. You can have an amateur take pictures and hope they come out due to the florescent lights. You can hold your reception at a park pavilion for about $150. Your friends can decorate. You can serve cupcakes. You can hire a beginner DJ with cheap equipment who can play music and make announcements. You can get your relatives to make the food or make it a carry-in. You’ll still need to buy utensils and pop or lemonade. You can skip the beer. My best guess, a total of $1250. – $1500. If this is your budget, there’s nothing wrong with doing it this way. It may not be your dream wedding, but it will get the job done!

On the high end, your Wedding Planner will plan a church wedding, with a pastor, and the church fully decorated with flowers, put together by a professional Your invitations will be personally designed. You can rent a limousine to go to the reception at at a high end reception hall. You and your bridesmaids will be dressed in gorgeous gowns from a high end store. You can have a professional DJ/Emcee who understands how to entertain your guests and create a romantic and amazing night. You can hire a decorator for table linens or the hall can provide. You can have a photo booth and a chocolate fountain. Your meal will be served rather than buffet style. Lighting will be amazing.throughout the hall. Your cake will be one of a kind! Your professional photographer will capture the entire event with just the right photos. The entire day and evening will look like the 4 Brides TV show. My best guess for a guest list of 150 people, having worked with many vendors in this area is $23,000 and up for your dream wedding.

Most weddings in Fort Wayne probably will fall somewhere in the $5,000 to $8,000 range, depending on your budget and desires. Let your vendors know your budget and do your very best to hire professionals. They will make your job easier, you’ll have less stress and you can rest assured, you can have your dream wedding with great guest experience and a romantic and amazing day!

Any other vendors are encouraged to comment.

Dan Surface, Fort Wayne DJs, 260-466-4600 “We Don’t Do Ordinary” We provide your guests with an awesome experience and you with a romantic, amazing wedding!

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