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Questions About Your Wedding Day?

As your wedding day approaches, I tried to think of questions that many couples forget to ask and scramble for answers the day of the event. I share them here for you to review.

  • Have I made a checklist of everything that needs to go to the church and reception. (The last two weddings where I played music were delayed for a missing necklace and a shoe.)

  • Will someone be there early with keys to the church and the hall. (Decorators, caterers and the DJ need to be in plenty early to set up.)

  • Have I appointed someone to pin on the flowers in the back of the church? Someone to send everyone down the aisle at the right time?

  • If children are in the wedding, have I appointed someone in the back to take care of the small ones. Will they return to their parents before the ceremony starts?

  • What happens when we come back down the isle after the recessional? Pastor announcement, ushers dismiss rows, greeting line set up?

  • When do we sign the marriage certificate?

  • Who is responsible for gathering all items from the church?

  • Can some of the pictures be taken ahead to cut down the amount of time our guests are waiting?

  • What will the guests do while pictures are being taken? Cocktails, DJ games, getting bored, kids activities, music?

  • Who will notify the Emcee/DJ when we are ready to enter the hall for the Grand Entrance?

  • Will the Emcee/DJ come out and line everyone up for the Grand Entrance? Does he/she know the correct way to pronounce names?

  • Do we have a general order of events so we have some idea what’s happening next?

  • Have we talked to the people giving toasts, making sure they are OK doing it (some people are scared to death of a microphone) and expected length of each. (One Father gave a 45 minute toast/speech at an event where I was Emcee/DJ.)

  • If the cake cutting gets messy, do we have a clean up plan?

  • Does the DJ have a way to quiet the kids during first dances? (I’ve seen many kids tugging on the bride’s dress during the romantic first dance.

  • Will the caterer have dinner ready soon after we make our Grand Entrance. If there is extra time, what do we do and not just sit awkwardly at our table? Will our planner or DJ know when to proceed?

  • My favorite…. Have we let the DJ and photographer know if it’s OK to eat? Either way is OK, just like to be prepared. I have often worked 10 hours with no break and no offer of food.

  • Have we figured out who will dismiss tables for a buffet? The Caterer, the DJ or someone I’ve appointed. (The caterer will answer that question.)

  • During open dancing, does the Emcee/DJ take requests? Have we given him/her a do not play list? (Remember, we keep the party going and the dance floor full by music selections, so please keep this list to songs that make your stomach turn!) See for most requested music.

  • Finally, do we have an exit strategy? Are we doing a send off or just letting the party end naturally. Do we have a clean up crew or are we expected to help. (Sparkler send offs have always worked well!

That’s my list from years of experience at Surface DJ Group helping couples have flawless weddings.

If you have a planner or day of co-ordinator, they will make sure many of these questions are answered automatically. That’s their job. A professional Emcee/DJ will realize that their job is only about 25% playing music. The rest is paying close attention to details to make your night magical!

Dan Surface Surface DJ Group 260-466-4600

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