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The Bridal Table

As you are planning your set up for the reception, you have two choices, a Bridal Table that accommodates all your wedding party or a Sweetheart Table for just you and your new spouse, allowing the wedding party to sit together or with their families. There are a few things to consider.

Space – The complete Bridal Table takes more room and is sometimes tough to fit into a smaller venue.

Loneliness – Just remember that you are sitting alone with your spouse during the dinner. Chances are you have eaten together many times and you cannot visit with your Maid of Honor or Best Man during dinner. People will come up to you before and after dinner, but during the actual dinner, it could seem boring and you are out of touch with your guests. As I have Emceed/DJd many weddings with both, I have often thought the couple looked lonely sitting off by themselves.

Toasts/Speeches – Often it is easier to round up those giving Toasts when the entire Bridal Party sits together.

Families together – With the small Sweetheart Table, the members of your Bridal Party can eat with their families. In a well attended family reception where everyone knows each other, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Finally, whichever you choose, it is important that you are up greeting your guests before and after dinner. Being first served, you will be done first and have the opportunity to go around to your guests and visit. At Surface DJs, we always let the couple know that we will call them back to the table in plenty of time before the special dancings, cake cutting and toasts begin. We never want them sitting there looking uncomfortable or with that “what happens next” look!

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