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5 Steps to a Successful Fort Wayne Wedding!

Planning a stress-free wedding and reception is never easy. In my DJ business in Fort Wayne, Indiana I have observed over the past 15 years, several steps that can eliminate a lot of that stress. Here’s Five ideas that will help!

  1. Have a pre-plan meeting with parents, bridal party, wedding planner or friends that plan to help. Decide who will pay for what and examine everyone’s vision for your big day. Make sure everyone is on the same page. Will you hire a wedding planner? What method will you use to hire vendors?

  2. Assign roles. Who will help you hire the vendors? Who will accompany you to look at your dress and the bridesmaid’s dresses? Who will go with you to look at venues? Who will make the final decisions and which credit card will you use? These are all important questions that can be decided ahead of time.

  3. Book far in advance. Many vendors are booked at least a year in advance and if you wait until the last minute, the real pros will be booked unless they happen to have a cancellation.. Fort Wayne DJs likes to book our dates, at least nine months in advance and most of those bookings occur from Christmas to St. Patrick’s Day.

  4. Book only quality vendors. Sure, Aunt Sally can cook a meal, but can she cook it for 150 people? Maybe your brother can go online and get a Pastor’s Certificate to marry you, but does he know how to run a rehearsal? Sure your cousin can download illegal music from YouTube and play it on his IPOD through your stereo system, but can he entertain your guests? Quality wedding vendors are worth their weight in gold. If you hire pros, you can sit back and enjoy your day and let the pros do what they do best, make your day amazing!

  5. Use Day-of Coordinator to keep things flowing smoothly. They don’t charge a lot and keep everything perfect. It diverts all the multitude of questions directed at them instead of you.

So enjoy your day because you know, you’ve handled everything in advance and made it amazingly stress free!

Dan Surface,Fort Wayne DJs Entertainment, Fort Wayne IN, 260-466-4600

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